Scotopia Technologies

 CompoundEye™At Scotopia Technologies, we are on the bleeding edge of low light imaging capture and display research. Our designs and technology enable enhanced vision in near complete darkness without the bulk typically associated with traditional night vision gear.

Our CompoundEye™ technology allows us to create an imaging capture system without traditional lenses. The  Compound Eye™ elements matrix and be embedded into a transparent material (ABS, PU, etc) and cover several several square inches. Since the image capture area can be very large compared to traditional CMOS and CCD sensors, extreme low light capture is possible without the need for IR transmitters or other types of “active” night vision illuminators.

To create a lightweight and low-power display we developed FlexIris™. This system combines near-transparent OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) with focus-able microlenses. These polymer based microlenses, not unlike those found on digital camera sensors, can be made to change their focus when a small electrical charge is applied. This allows the FlexIris™ display to appear to be several feet away from the viewer’s eye even when as close as two inches. FlexIris™ is adjustable so that it can be custom tailored to the user’s vision, even if they wear corrective lenses

Microscope image of a FlexIris™ array

Several prototype devices have been developed using CompoundEye™ and FlexIris™ for specialized applications and feedback from our partners has been very positive. As a result we are developing a product for the public sector in the form of a helmet visor. This visor will offer enhanced nighttime/low-light vision and can be applied to motorcycle, snowmobile, and other power-sports helmets.

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